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She is young, very young. She is Cameroonian and very proud of it. Most importantly she is a designer and loving every bit of it. And for us she has lined herself up as a designer for movie stars and one to watch closely because this young woman is on her way to something special. She is Reneta Ndisang and she is repping Cameroon big time. Let discover more about that girl who star designing clothes of many stars like Constance Ejuma, Sahndra Fondufe and other since 2011.

How far have you taken it and what’s the next level in your growth?

So far the road has been rough and exciting. Same year I started I was appointed the costume designer for Miss West Africa 2011, I took part in the FabAfriq magazine launch 2011 in Uk I did not attend there but. Then my friend Sahndra Fondufe who is now becoming a big African Actress,wrote to me she said she wanted me to dress her for her graduation and I said yes. So she was my first upcoming actress to dress then.Then June last year I took part in a designer’s online competition out of 81 designers I came out 5th though not a winner. I was also a nominee for Cameroon Entertainment Awards but still not a winner.Then this year 2013, my brand grew wider as I got featured on several Magazines like Tropics Fall January issue, Cameroon travellers magazine January issue, Glow magazine July issue, and fabafriq magazine I can’t determine my future but I am hoping for some big international runways like London African Fashion week, New York, Nigerian and many more.I wish to get on star gist,CNN etc. Right now we are working on our web site to help continue building up the brand and our reach.

Which big names have you designed for?

At the moment I have designed several pieces for Actress Sahndra Fondufe,she is super great with fashion.I also design for Constance Ejuma she is an actress,She starred on the series 24 season 7 and Nigerian actress and writer Jubilee.”

Would you Love to do more collaboration with other African designers?

Sure I have few in mind I will love to meet and work with.Christie Brown, LiiberLondon, Mina Evans Blaz design haute couture and many more.

So here she is Nollywoodians and Insiders, If you desire a different look on the next red carpet or if you are a designer and you are looking for collaborations with a fast rising designer that would bring in an extra dimension to your show, then buzz Renata up, we strongly recommend her. Go Cameroon!
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Interview by Diane M